SKL Field sprayer inspection

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We are a SKL (Foundation for Agricultural Quality Requirements) approved test station. This means that we meet the requirements set by SKL regarding test equipment and inspectors. This allows us to perform the legally required periodic inspection of your field sprayer. The inspections are carried out on the basis of a fixed uniform inspection protocol. After approval, we issue the official approval certificates on behalf of SKL, which are required by law.

Content inspection
During the inspection, the complete syringe is checked and a number of measurements are made. The purpose of this inspection is to map the maintenance status of the machine and to ensure that crop protection products can be optimally distributed. The inspection consists of the following components:

  • Check the booms for folding out and in; locking, height adjustment, balance correction, obstacle protection and quality of the structure.
  • Check the spray line with accessories.
  • Checking the condition of hoses, pipes, clamps, cap holders, caps for leaks, damage and fixing.
  • Checking the tank on the tank lid, readability of the tank contents and the presence of the filling screen.
  • Checking the presence and condition of the filters.
  • Check the spray pressure gauge for sufficient readability (diameter, scale) and accuracy.
  • Checking the accuracy of the flow meter (if present).
  • Check for leaks in the system under pressure.
    Measuring the stirring capacity of the pump.
  • Checking the correct operation of the pressure regulator.
  • Testing the distribution pattern of the sprayed liquid for all nozzles associated with the machine.
  • Checking the operation of the pressure accumulator.
  • Checking the container cleaner (if present) for damage and operation.
  • Checking the functioning of the controls.

The list with all test provisions is available for inspection.

The results of the inspection are summarized on an inspection report on which all measured values ​​and any defects are indicated.

Preparation for the inspection

Clean the machine internally and externally.
Ensure that all safety devices are in order (PTO shielding, etc.).
Fill the machine half full with clean water.
Take all socket sets belonging to the machine so that they can be tested.

We have the right test equipment to perform the inspection and of course we have well-trained personnel with the required inspection diplomas and experience.

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Our certified inspectors:

Marc Schuurman


Harm Hoftijzer